As January gallops on at the speed of light, as Januaries are wont to do, I’m pleased to announce two awesome pieces of news: firstly, that I’m part of this year’s Shadow Clarke jury; and secondly, that I’ll be appearing at Swancon 2018 as a Guest of Honour. I’m incredibly excited on both counts, and look forward to participating in both events.

On a far more irritating note, I find myself moved to issue a clarification in light of recent fuckery. Based on nothing but circumstantial evidence and their own antipathy, certain persons in the Sad Puppy camp – namely Lou Antonelli, Dave Freer and Brad Torgersen, though the noxious Vox Day has also joined in – have decided that an Australian anti-Puppy blogger, known by the pseudonym Camestros Felapton, is really my husband Toby. I hadn’t heard of Camestros until they emailed me a few days ago to give me a heads-up and apologise that my family was being dragged into things, but though I left a comment on Brad Torgersen’s blog to that effect, he’s thus far declined to publish it, claiming instead that Camestros’s denial is really proof that he is, in fact, Toby.

I’ve already responded to the issue at length on Twitter, and would like to note that Dave Freer in particular is being super gross about it all, while Antonelli seems weirdly bitter about Toby’s hotness. Nonetheless, for the record: my husband is not Camestros, and anyone saying otherwise is gullible, incompetent, a liar or all three. Having already doubled down on their claims, I highly doubt that Antonelli, Freer or Torgersen is likely to issue a retraction, let alone an apology; the prospect of admitting to that sort of error – or worse, conceding that I’m capable of being right – really sticks in their puppyish craws. But, well. Facts are facts, and given how many of my friends and colleagues in the SFF community have actually met my husband and can attest to his non-Camestrosness, it’s pretty clear that their credibility in this matter is, as in so many others, nil.

So, with that out of the way – and with two wonderful SFF commitments to look forward to in 2018 – I’ll leave you with the random generator of Overly Specific SFF Subgenres I made today, and hope you have fun with it.

  1. genufett says:

    “You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”

    –Sen John Welch to Sen Joseph McCarthy, 1953

    Not that they had many shreds of decency left, but good lord, this seems to moving rapidly into very dangerous territory. Is there anything you can do, either legally speaking or in terms of con appearance security?

  2. I am glad you are part of the Sharke jury! The discussions wee very interesting last year! 🙂

  3. flootzavut says:

    Holy crap. I thought the puppies were dead and gone. I guess I was way too optimistic. I’m sorry to hear you and hubster are being given crap by those turds.

    Off to go play with the random generator to cheer myself up after witnessing this fuckery.

  4. It has been a very strange week. I’ve tried (foolishly) to engage with the Puppy crowd over the years without compromising my views. I’m appalled by the attacks on your family and mortified that Dave Freer has been using me as a pretext for those attacks.

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  7. […] Lou Antonelli, who first published this theory based on three anonymous sources, acknowledged that the evidence could be coincidence (though he was doubtful). Meadows has pointed out various inconsistencies in the so-called proof. […]

  8. Liz says:

    I am very sorry to hear that you are being put through this. I can think, offhand, of quite a few people who fit the categories (Australian, SFF, philosophical interests) described, quite apart from anything else. My best wishes.

  9. Craig r says:

    After the way that Puppy luminary John C. Wright manufactured, out of whole cloth, a conflict between his wife and Patrick Nielsen-Hayden, Freer is sure showing some chutzpah

  10. […] claiming that anti-Puppy blogger Camestros Felapton is Foz Meadow’s husband Toby. Foz gives the background to the situation, then elaborates on the allegations and the impact this harassment has had on them. File 770 […]

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