Books 2018


The Song of the Silvercades – K. S. Nikakis

The Cry of the Marwing – K. S. Nikakis

The Stone in the Skull – Elizabeth Bear

Provenance – Ann Leckie

Rowan of Rin – Emily Rodda (reread)

The Dinosaur Lords – Victor Milan

The Waking Fire – Anthony Ryan

Words of Radiance, Part 1 – Brandon Sanderson


Words of Radiance, Part 2 – Brandon Sanderson

Persuasion – Jane Austen (ebook)

Soft Hands – Ariel Bishop (ebook)


The Legion of Flame – Anthony Ryan


Tempests and Slaughter – Tamora Pierce

Wild Magic – Tamora Pierce (reread)

Wolf-Speaker – Tamora Pierce (reread)

Emperor Mage – Tamora Pierce (ebook) (reread)

Realms of the Gods – Tamora Pierce (reread)

First Test – Tamora Pierce (reread)

Page – Tamora Pierce (reread)

Squire – Tamora Pierce (reread)

Lady Knight – Tamora Pierce (reread)

Three-Man Advantage – Ariel Bishop (ebook)


The Collapsing Empire – John Scalzi


The Stars Are Legion – Kameron Hurley (ebook)

City of Blades – Robert Jackson Bennett

Total Read: 25

New: 16

Rereads: 9

Ebooks: 5