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Behold! – my latest column, Jingo Bells, is now available at Halo 17 for your intellectual and viewing pleasure.  This week, I detail the trials and travails of patriotism. Come one, come all!

Inspired by Proposition 8, my latest column over at Halo 17, The Case for Gay Marriage, is up. Check it out and dig the politics!

Indeedy-do: my new column is up at Halo 17. This one’s on sex education.

Have fun, kiddiwinks!

Yes, it’s that time again – my latest article, Life After Rowling, is now up at Halo 17. Knock yourselves out.

Also, awesome sidenote: Nick Harkaway blogged about me last week. Shiny!

Yes, it’s that time again – my most recent coumn, Hung to the Over, is now up at Halo 17. Do feel free to drop by and leave ludicrously flattering comments.

That is all.

My fornightly column at Halo 17, called the Unicorn Evils, is now in business. First article: The Modern Apocalypse. Enjoy!