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First off, apologies for the recent lack of updates. Toby and I have just moved house, but hopefully things should be back on track from next week.

Until then, here’s a couple of cool Solace & Grief mentions:

– I’ll be making an appearance at Ringwood Library next Thursday 29 April from 6:30 onwards, complete with pizza;

– George Ivanoff talks about Solace & Grief in his latest post on vampires; and

– Astrid Cooper has written a very awesome review over at the Specusphere. Yay!

Some more internet mentions this week, which is exciting! Danielle over at Reading Watching Living conducted this wonderful interview, while Katie over at Sophistikatied Reviews has done me the honour of a Waiting on Wednesday post prior to the appearance of the guest blog I’ve written for her, so watch this space!

I have also – and the sheer thought of it fills me with a gleeful, tingling sensation – come face to face with my first ever book review, courtesy of Kate O’Donnell. Alas, there is no specific link to which I can direct you, as it was with Bookseller and Publisher magazine – a hardcopy publication, despite their website – who also interviewed me in the same edition. I can’t give you the whole review, but I can say that Solace & Grief was described as “a clever and funny supernatural romp, with a chilling underside to it…a smart and appealing read for the ‘Vampire Academy’ crowd.”

Which, you know. GLEE!