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Another poem for the wondrous oracle meme.

last night

restless, sweating at the touch of old gods, I
lay tangled in the dawn of sleep, fretting
my pillow, dreaming of places where the wind cries
through the open arms of broken statues, seeming
insubstantial, shaking with fear
at the saw-blade terror of avatars
walking like madmen under foreign stars
uncomprehending of what loas rode their hands, breaking
glass eggs, world eggs, cracking the gold yolk
silver-limned on the table-top, 
unable either to falter, choose or stop
the terrible march of their red guns, blackening
the sky with stone towers, falling like tears
or waterfalls, down
the deep gullies of our throats and eyes
to mark the ruination of these years
and on waking
I was left whole but altered, hollowed out,
the inner spiral of a nautilus shell
behind each gleaming eyelid.
all was well.

A poem for contribution here, and learned of here.

Nine Things About Oracles


first, there is blindness. like the white moon

in her witching sky, this oracle is prone to concealment.

lidless, pearls


scale on her milk-eyes, iridescent, each blink

sharp as an oyster shell.




note her childish hands, slimwristed, fair,

ravelling the unseen silk. third is her voice,

keening like a lost hawk,


wild as a rose-wind. fourth, fifth, sixth:

count the nubs of her curving spine, warped

under salt. a sulphurous ocean

blooms in her, firebright anemones cling


to the tight-lipped carapace of her soul, waving

their soft fronds.


seventh is a mystery

as in the deeps of ancient caves she stares

at the blank wall, scratches darkness, weeps.


eighth is a syllable, sibyl-tongue


to the mouth-roof, breathing

the thick air, sighing go from here,


question the night sky, demand answers of the owls

and rivers, go,


but at the last, the ninth bell


wisdom is lacking. we stagger out,

clutching a small death over our hearts,

snared by a net of tears


but do not learn.