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Posted: July 9, 2008 in Mixed Lollies
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The following anecdote is, unfortunately, true.

Browsing weird news stories at work, I came across the following: apparently, having more sex prevents erectile dysfunction in older men. Me being me, I decided to forward the link to my husband, who works at a different organisation. Without really looking at what I was doing, I typed his name as the addressee in a new email, put ‘Good to know!’ as my subject heading, copied the link across, and pressed send.

Several minutes later, I received a reply, not from my husband, but from a complete stranger in my own organisation with the same first name, wondering, not unreasonably, why I’d sent him the link, because  – and I quote – he’s “not that old”.


After explaining that my email wasn’t meant as a new kind of Viagra-spam or personal disparagement and (hopefully) making amends, I think I can call myself a wiser human being. Moral of the story: always check your send field.

Or, if you’re sending naughty articles, make sure the URL boasts a more innocent phraseology than more-sex-wards-off-erection-trouble-in-older-men-study.