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So Australian model Abbey Lee Kershaw has collapsed on a Paris catwalk courtesy of a very tight corset, which was itself courtesy of Alexander McQueen. There are many possible conclusions one can draw from this incident, such as that professional modelling is entirely stupid and that it is rarely adviseable to starve oneself to stardom, but my big question is: why is the damn corset so fsking ugly? It looks like someone skinned a very unfortunate-looking crocodile to make a gay centurion’s breastplate, only to go all Little House on the Prarie and add some fabric.

And this, right here, is exactly why I hate fashion. It turns otherwise normal women into emaciated drecks, flounces around our media outlets like a two-year-old in a party frock (but without the benefit of being either innocent or sweet), and all so morons can spend upwards of $300 on clothing which, by definition, looks even more ludicrous off the catwalk than on it.

Grumble, grumble.