The Key to Starveldt

The castle of Starveldt is waiting. Having escaped once from Sanguisidera, Solace and her friends are in desperate need of guidance. Seeking to unravel a cryptic prophecy, they travel to the Rookery, an otherworldly place governed by the enigmatic Liluye. Magical and wild, the Rookery tests them all in preparation for the crossing to Starveldt. But the group is starting to fracture. The threat of Lord Grief continues to grow: old betrayals, lies and secrets boil to the surface – with startling consequences. As danger closes in, can they make their peace before everything falls apart? Or will the Bloodkin triumph?

The Key for Starveldt was released in October 2011 by Ford Street Publishing.

  1. alison grahame says:

    Looks terrific Foz. Can’t wait to see it in the flesh so to speak!

  2. Lisa says:

    If Book 1 was anything to go by, than Book 2 will be awesome!!

  3. theEagleWingedCheetah says:

    when will the third book come out?

  4. Wucy Wabbit says:

    I love your book Solace and Grief, It is amazing! Found it in my school library. 🙂
    I now have to write a biography on my favorite author, you. ^_^

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