The Rare

All images by the very excellent Samantha Mott, vanquisher of the Beaded Curtains of Doom, cosplayer/time-traveller extraordinaire and unapologetic slave to the music, oh ne na na ne ne na.


Name: Solace Morgan/Eleuthera

Age: 17

Height: 5’8


Key features: Black hair, black eyes.

Rarity: Vampire

Data: Raised in the foster system, Solace has spent most of her life struggling to hide the extent of her abnormalities from those around her. After encountering a faceless man in the streets near her group home, she runs away in search of friends, fun and an explanation for what she is. Solace is stubborn, occasionally sarcastic, adventurous, curious and, despite her innate cynicism, a little naive when it comes to people – but then, she’s also a fast learner.


Name: Evan James Black

Age: 19

Height: 5’10

Key features: Dark blue eyes, black hair.

Rarity: Empath

Data: Evan is Jess’s younger brother. Friendly, mischevious and possibly more fond of a drink than is good for him, he delights in embarassing his older sister, sleeping in and orchestrating hijinks. Though loathe to put his Rarity to active use, he is nonetheless good with people and, despite his general tendency towards cheerful chaos, is steadfast, loyal, perceptive and kind.


Name: Jessica Avalon Black

Age: 20

Height: 5’8

Key features: Dark blue eyes, wavy black hair.

Rarity: Seer

Data: Jess is Evan’s older sister. Sociable, inquisitve, easygoing and a natural peacemarker, she is also more like her brother in some respects than she would readily admit, particularly when it comes to her sense of humour. The backbone of the group and a considerate friend, she is especially close to Electra, and goes out of her way to make Solace feel welcome. Her foretellings of the future frequently take the form of singsong riddles.


Name: Manx, aka Matthew Martin McKinley

Age: 23

Height: 5’6

Key features: Mismatched eyes (green/brown), reddish hair.

Rarity: Ailuranthrope / Werecat

Data: Manx is, in many ways, the most subtle member of the group. Outwardly quiet at times, he is cautious when it comes to making decisions and protective of his friends, particularly Electra. He has a wry sense of humour and an ongoing rivalry with Evan, at whose expense he enjoys making the odd joke. Self-contained and capable, his main regret in life is being unable to shapeshift into anything more menacing than an oversized housecat.


Name: Electra Melina Valenica, aka Lex

Age: 19

Height: 5’9

Key features: Blonde hair, grey eyes.

Rarity: Summoner / Kinesic Psychometrist

Data: Electra is shy at times, but loves being in the company of friends. The usefulness of her Rarity in keeping everyone fed has given her a strong practical streak, something she shares with Jess. Her taste in clothes runs to bright colours, particularly purples. Although she enjoys spontaneity, she can also be quiet and, like Manx, cautious, though she is paradoxically hesitant when it comes to speaking up. She is loyal, good-humoured, sensitive and wistful.


Full name: Harper Michael Lawrence 

Age: 19

Height: 5’11

Key features: Shaven-headed, brown eyes.

Rarity: Pyromancer

Data: Harper is something of a gentle giant, easygoing and soft-spoken. He is particularly close to Paige and, to a lesser extent, Laine, the two girls with whom he nominally lives. He is extraordinarily patient with his friends, disliking conflict in all forms despite – or perhaps because of – his evident physical strength and powerful Rarity. Beneath his calm exterior lurks an emotional core, but one displayed more through gestures and consideration than words.


Name: Paige Amanda Bryant

Age: 18

Height: 5’5

Key features: White-blonde hair with pink and purple streaks, hazel eyes.

Rarity: ????

Data: Paige is impish, garrulous, sharp-tongued and quick to judge. She adores Harper and has a problematic relationship with Laine, despite the fact that they live together. Fun-loving, active and an exceptionally nimble climber, Paige is also plagued by uncertainty. Like Harper, she tries to avoid conflict, but if push comes to shove, she will run away rather than try to hold her ground. Secretive at times, extroverted at others, she feels things much more deeply than she lets on.


Name: Laine, aka Elaina Sarah Rosewood

Age: 19

Height: 5’7

Key features: Pale blue eyes, short black hair.

Rarity: Psychic

Data: Laine is the group’s only Goth. Though wry and sharp when pressed, she is also contemplative and self-sacrificing, capable of putting other people ahead of herself in times of need or backing away from unnecessary arguments. Laine is highly intelligent and, due to the combination of her Rarity and a native penchant for introspection, complex. Despite her insecurities, she remains a strong person – stronger than she realises.


Name: Glide, aka Gawain Lucas Noble

Age: 21

Height: 5’9

Key features: Chestnut hair, green eyes.

Rarity: Planeshifter

Data: Glide is something of a mystery to his friends, as, owing to the nature of his Rarity, he is forced to spend a lot of time by himself. He particularly enjoys the company of Solace, whom he finds easy to talk to, but despite his outwardly calm, almost dreamlike appearance, he is deeply conflicted, struggling to retain control of his abilities and, through them, himself. Because of this, he is often distracted and unhappy.


Name: Sharpsoft, aka ????

Age: ????

Height: 6’0

Key features: White hair, silver-gold eyes.

Rarity: Vampire / Planeshifter

Data: Sharpsoft is cryptic, mysterious and just a little bit infuriating. Like Glide, his Rarity gives him the air of someone improperly anchored in the here and now. In most respects, he keeps his opinions to himself, and has the disquieting habit of vanishing at whim. It’s hard to know what to make of Sharpsoft – but if you told him that, he’d only grin. He likes it that way.

  1. Ruth says:

    Excellent! Thanks for putting these up. Now not only can I see those pictures again, but I can sort out the characters in my head. They did get a bit muddled up at times. Especially when I was trying to work out the cryptic-ness at the end!

  2. Bejewell says:

    I can NOT wait to read this.

  3. […] Solace Morgan walks out of her foster home the day she turns 17, convinced she’s a vampire and that she no longer belongs to her old life. She ends up at the Downstairs Club and meets a bunch of squatters, gets drunk, and before she knows it she’s living with her new set of best friends. […]

  4. Tom Danby says:

    Hi Foz – the images are a big help, and I will link these to our marketing of The Rare.
    One thought I had was a map of Sydney showing some of the places ( more or less ) they visit. Love the idea of some one leaving a graffiti “door” in the underground carpark below the gallery.
    Cheers, Tom INTBOOKS

  5. […] HomeAboutFoz MeadowsReading ListBooks 2009Books 2010Books 2011Solace and GriefThe Rare: Cast […]

  6. […] HomeAboutFoz MeadowsReading ListBooks 2009Books 2010Books 2011Solace and GriefThe Rare: Cast […]

  7. Rose MIA Thorn says:

    So Boook 2. when Where??

    Reluctant adult here

  8. Huge Fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Hi! I was wondering if there was any idea of a release date of the 3rd book? I love your The Rare and hope there will be a 3rd book at some point?

    • fozmeadows says:

      Hi! Unfortunately, I don’t have a release date for Book 3, as I’m no longer with my original publisher, but as soon as I have any news to share, I’ll be posting it here 🙂

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