Other Publications

A list of publications, anthologies and collections in which my writing appears.


The Ones He Leaves Behind – Companion Piece: Women Celebrate the Humans, Aliens and Tin Dogs of Doctor Who, edited by L.M. Myles and Liz Barr, Mad Norwegian Press, April 2015

Gender, Orphan Black and the Meta of Meta – Speculative Fiction 2014: The Best Online Reviews, Essays and Commentary, edited by Renee Williams and Shaun Duke, Book Smugglers Publishing, April 2015

The Empty MirrorHoldfast Anthology 2013-2014, edited by Laurel Sills and Lucy Smee, March 2015

On Grittiness and Grimdark – Speculative Fiction 2013: The Best Online Reviews, Essays and Commentary, edited by Ana Grilo and Thea James, Jurassic London, April 2014

Racism, Revealing Eden and STGRB – Speculative Fiction 2012: The Best Online Reviews, Essays and Commentary, edited by Justin Landon and Jared Shurin, Jurassic London, April 2013

Short Stories

Coral BonesMonstrous Little Voices, Rebellion Publishing, March 2016

Bright MoonCranky Ladies of History, edited by Tehani Wessely and Tansy Rayner Roberts, FableCroft Publishing, March 2015

Ten Days GraceApex Magazine: Issue 63, edited by Sigrid Ellis, 4 August 2014

Needs Must – Sincere Forms of Flattery, edited by Olivia Hambrett and Sandi Sieger, O+S Publishing, June 2013


Scales of TimePhantazein, edited by Tehani Wessely, FableCroft Publishing, October 2014

SilenceGolbin Fruit, Summer 2012

ConversationCordite Poetry Review no. 27, March 2008

  1. Brooke says:

    Hello! I have just been browsing your site and wanted to let you know that the second link on this page (to Sincere Forms of Flattery) is broken. Have a great day.

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