Kurt Schlichter Is A Sexist Ass

Posted: April 29, 2012 in Political Wrangling
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A month ago, columnist Joel Stein decided it would be a good idea to formally declare himself as a sexist ass by decrying grown men with a penchant for female-oriented YA novels. Now, however, another columnist has evidently decided to follow in his misguided, asshat footsteps – one Kurt Schlichter, who has let forth a veritable tirade against men who like My Little Pony.

As with Stein’s piece, Schlichter never actually states outright that girls and girlish things are inherently inferior to men and masculinity, though he comes perilously close: in his eyes, bronies – male MLP fans – are distinguished from ‘real men’ as being:

pathetic sissies [who] giggle like schoolgirls… harmless fem-boys who stopped maturing at age seven… perma-virgins… acting like idiots… losers… man-children… geebos.


It’s not a coincidence that Schlichter describes the brony trend as ‘terrifying’. For him, as with Stein, the idea of men and boys enjoying something that’s meant for girls is a sign of their unmanliness and, as a consequence, unworth. The fact that he compares bronies to the ‘real men – and women… tromping through the wilds of Afghanistan’ is so ludicrous it reads like satire: just think, citizens – while our soldiers suffer and die for your freedom, some selfish dilettantes are repaying those efforts by actually using it! 

The fact that Schlichter makes no mention of women who watch the show is telling. Presumably, he thinks, it’s fine for mothers to bond with their daughters over it, or at the least, women at home with their children have a better excuse for exposure. And as for us childless female viewers – well, we’re still ladies, after all! It might be an equal waste of our time, but at least it’s a gender-appropriate waste. The idea of fathers watching to bond with their children, or men simply wanting to enjoy a fun, uncomplicated show, is clearly anathema to him. The objection isn’t to adults watching cartoons, though Schlichter’s language occasionally tries to pretend as much – it’s to men watching girl cartoons.

Indeed, as Schlichter so condescendingly points out:

Fandom, even potentially nerdy fandom, need not be destructive. For example, the original “Star Trek” had real merit. The character of Captain Kirk provided an example of true manhood – note that the attributes commonly associated with ‘manhood’ are not limited by mere gender, as heroes like Sergeant Leigh Ann Hester proved – even within the concept of science fiction. Watching James T. Kirk teaches young males key life lessons – that violence is an important option for defeating evil, that individual dignity is worth fighting for, and that scoring with green alien chicks is awesome.

Translation: geeky shit is fine for guys, so long as the female characters are either acting like masculine heroes or being seduced by them. (Lord of the Rings is apparently fine by Schlichter, too, because the presence of martial themes trumps the presence of elves. I’m betting the comparative absence of women doesn’t hurt either.)

Dear Kurt: you know why so many people are happy to undercut what you call ‘traditional morality, conservatism and… positive values?’ Because they’re sexist, anachronistic, arbitrary and awful! Rigidly enforced definitions of masculinity and femininity are hurtful to everyone, and though you obviously disagree, your obvious disdain for girl things – and, by extension, girls – is as sexist as it comes.

And to all the bronies out there: keep up the good work, and don’t let the asshats get you down!

  1. kazei5 says:

    I am posting from the volunteer room of the Calgary Expo 2012, about three hours before we open for the general public and I am a brony

    To each their own, I say, as we all have different interests and we should not be haters.

    However, this dude is a sexists jackass. This runs on the same lines of calling someone gay,
    using th e old idea that anything feminine is automatically inferior to masculine ideals.

    Man-children? It is ludicrous that he would even use that word, especially when this guy sounds like he would love Judd Apatow movies, which are the epitomy of selfish, irresponsible man-children.

    Also, he had best be careful. If the youtube comments for the full episodes of MLP are to believed, than more than a fair amount of bronies are military combatants.

    We bronies? We are everywhere.

    • fozmeadows says:

      I would love, absolutely LOVE, to see a coalition of military combatant bronies get together and write openly to Kurt Schlichter about how completely wrong and offensive he is. If we’re very lucky, his head just might explode from the (to him) impossible contradiction of soldiers who like MLP.

  2. Juan Pazos says:

    I am dumbfounded that anyone even dares say something like that with a straight face… But, then, it had to be STRAIGHT, hadn’t it?

  3. rogueretlaw says:

    Ms. Meadows,

    As a father of two, avid baker, stay at home dad, UU and a brony I thank you. You so succinctly encapsulated the problem with “Brony-hate”, the idea that gender roles can be bent. Why this scares so many people to do hateful things baffles me.

    It is a goal of mine to raise my two children to “Love and Tolerate” all people. Gender/Race/Sexual orientation/religion/class make no difference. We are ALL family.


  4. rogueretlaw says:

    Reblogged this on Lack Of A Clever Title and commented:
    As a Brony and someone who hates gender roles, I had to re-blog this.

  5. Jesus Rivera says:

    so his freedom of speech, is trumped by your feelings being hurt?

    • fozmeadows says:

      He’s free to say what he wants; that doesn’t mean he’s not a sexist ass. And guess what? Freedom of speech applies to me, too.

  6. annomalley says:

    He’s a sexist ass.

    Saying that men shouldn’t like ‘girly’ things while simultaneously saying that women should aspire to things associated with ‘manhood’ is so unbelievably hypocritical. Its just enforcing the patriarchal idea that ‘manly’ things trump ‘girly’ things. That the only way to have power is to be a MANLY person and that men who turn their back on MANLINESS are some kind of degenerate ‘sissy’ ‘girly’ femboys. He’s basically saying that girls are below men in social value, which is, (drumroll please?) Sexist!

    Gender Roles are outdated social trash that needs to be taken out and dumped.

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