Posted: January 17, 2011 in Life/Stuff
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Or, more specifically, St Andrews!

We have now been living here for nine days, in which time the following things have occurred:

  • Frolicking through the snow;
  • Jetlag recovery as aided by copious amounts of Top Gear;
  • The purchase of twelve novels from various bookshops;
  • Friendly drinks at several pubs;
  • Eating pheasant;
  • My catching a week-long cold;
  • Toby wearing plastic bags over his socks because his shoes leaked;
  • Befriending an astrophysicist;
  • Several successful dinner experiments;
  • Completely forgetting how the coin-operated washer/dryer system works, twice;
  • Yelling at the stove because the dials turn the wrong way, so that I keep setting them on low instead of high;
  • My old laptop catching a virus and dying in the arse;
  • The purchase of a shiny new laptop, on which I am now writing this blog post;
  • The inexplicable loss of my favourite smooshy purple knitted hat;
  • The discovery of a cafe that serves hot chocolate with marshmallows, whipped cream AND  a chocolate flake;
  • One aborted trip to the movies, being as how it was too cold and we were knackered;
  • One sighting of a genuine Scottish gentleman wearing a genuine Scottish kilt;
  • The discovery that there is, lurking about somewhere, a town cat called Hamish; and
  • The acquisition of a very strange bird-puppet, which I have named Archie the Arche Mascot.

So, as you can see, it’s been a pretty packed program – even so, I apologise for the lengthy radio silence. Doubtless I’ll have more to say (and the strength/will to say it more coherently) at some later date, but in the mean time, here is a photo of Archie, who was given to me by a nice lady at one of the town’s ten charity shops.

Cheerful little fellow, isn’t he?

  1. Bogdan Dicher says:

    Details on the pheasant experience, please.

    • fozmeadows says:

      It was at a restaurant called The Doll’s House, and it was served in a sort of sweetish, orange sauce with vegetables. Very tasty!

  2. Jocko says:

    Welcome to Scotlandshire…over a week in St Andrews and your list didn’t even mention the word ‘golf’ – very impressed.

    Not sure what I found most surprising, the fact that you spotted a gentleman who was Scottish or that you found one who was an Astrophysicist (this is the point where you reply telling me he had a strong English accent).

    I can get away with saying this given I am Scottish born ‘n bred. Them’s the rules.

    • fozmeadows says:

      Well, every time I told anyone in Australia where we were moving, they’d always pause, think a bit, and then say, ‘Golf?’ in a quizzical fashion, so I guess that trained the impulse out of me. And for the record, the astrophysicist was a she, and Lebanese 🙂

  3. Jocko says:

    How very rude and sexist of me – please accept my humblest of apologies. No surprise SHE was not Scottish though – lol. Brilliant.

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