Birthday Boy

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Life/Stuff
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Three years ago the day before yesterday, I married my wonderful husband, Toby. It’s his birthday today, and though a subclause of our wedding vows prevents me from publicising how old he is without orders signed in triplicate, there is nothing to prevent me from saying how awesome he is on the internet. So! This is a man who wakes me up every morning with a kiss and a massage, who cheerfully does half the cooking and housework, and who not only notices my hair, but has an opinion on it. Whenever we go to the movies, he’s happy to walk back home with me afterwards and talk about what we’ve seen, regardless of whether it was a children’s animation, a trashy action flick or something heavier. He reads the books I recommend, makes me laugh and asks about my day. He is, in short, a fantastic human being and ALL MINE, ladies!

Love you, Bear. Happy birthday.

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