It Has Begun

Posted: January 24, 2010 in Ink & Feather
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OMG, people – my first ever author interview is now online, courtesy of the most excellent Steph Bowe! You will find it here, along with the details of my book launch, so if anyone out there is going to be loitering in Melbourne on February 20, please drop by and say hello. There will be nibbles and fun and quite a lot of exuberant geekness on my part, or possibly just some split-the-jaw grinning, but it’s also the day before my birthday, so even if you aren’t interested in procuring yourself a copy of Solace & Grief, your salutations and raisings of the glass will be more than welcome. Although if you did want to buy yourself a copy, it would sort of be a like a birthday present to me, only you get the actual present! Everybody wins!

  1. Ruth says:

    *wanders in*
    Oh. I’ve never been here before, looks cool.
    Hi Foz, that’s great news, and I loved the interview! I think Solace and Grief is going to go great guns. I’m excited, Paul tells me the bookselling crowd are interested, very interested and the snatch I’ve read (I’m a Ford Street intern, by the way) was excellent and intruiging. I only wish I had been able to finish the MS before it went to the printers. But no matter. February 20th shall be upon us soon, and I shall enjoy ending my suspense soon after.
    I’ll probably be the one behind the drinks counter or the cashbox.
    Until then, best wishes with furthur interviews etc.


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