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Poem/Friday Day

Posted: August 14, 2009 in Ink & Feather
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Consider this day: shinyfaced,

rambunctious as a spring lamb, it

walks jauntily, whistles, tips its cap

at pretty girls in voluminous

red skirts; winks


at the youngish nun

whose covert wimple does not quite disguise

her blush;


buys a round of drinks at the pub; laughs

uproariously at the middling jokes

of aged professors (thereby making them all



& now it stands, straightens


its festive, peacockesque bow-tie 

– a gift, no doubt, from some glorious

conquest/colourspangled dawn –


strolls, nonchalant as a cowboy cat,

into the sunset


& sleeps, wrapping itself

in the wide white stars:

waiting, watching,