Reasons Why I Am A Crazy Lady

Posted: November 13, 2008 in Life/Stuff
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1. Right now, I’m sitting really, really still, because I haven’t moved my feet for ages. For some reason, although I’m wearing open sandals, not moving has made it feel as if I’m wearing shoes, and the novelty is so extreme that I can’t bear to break the sensation.

2. Every time I listen to It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) by REM, I can’t shake the nagging suspicion that there’s some kind of weird prophecy about current events embedded in the lyrics, especially now I know that Barack Obama’s Secret Service codename is Renegade. (Before, I was fixated on the aeroplane, hurricane and foreign towers lines, but it’s always good to diversify.)

3. Despite the fact that there are hot, howling winds strong enough to fling chairs down the street today, I cycled to work in a skirt.

  1. Tim says:

    I’m a little creeped out that one of Obama’s daughter’s codenames is Rosebud…

    That’s more than a little nasty…

  2. Sometimes when I’m waking up I like to pretend I’ll be waking up somewhere else when I open my eyes…it’s such a weird, funny feeling when you can actively fool yourself =P

  3. fozmeadows says:

    @ Tim – Yes. Yes it is.

    @ Concrete – I’ve done that! Another thing is to close your eyes in bed, and convince yourself that your body is facing a different wall than it is, or that you’re on the ceiling, or lying wrong way round. There’s a fun, dizzy dissonance to that, I find, especially the ceiling one. 🙂

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