Of Gates And Stupid People

Posted: November 2, 2008 in Good News Week
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As has been mentioned previously, I’m heartily sick of the media dubbing each new scandal a Blahgate. I’ve contained my rage at Troopergate, if only because it appeared to be an election-spawned one-off, but no. Now we have Auntiegate, with the revelation that Obama’s half-aunt (on his father’s side) is an illegal alien. I mean, Christ on a bicycle, Media – can’t you think up something original?

Wait. That was a stupid question.

We’ve had Iguanagate, which couldn’t be redeemed even by the wonderful, ludicrous phonics of the word ‘iguana’. We’ve had Gong-gate, wherein the entire Woollongong Council proved themselves unfit to govern a white elephant stall, let alone handle real cash-money. We’ve had Grannygate and NAFTA-gate. We have, in fact, had it up to here with gates, fences, walls, doors or perimeter-keeping objects of any kind.

More importantly – and I say this with feeling – Watergate was the name of a hotel, you ignorant bastards! It was a scandal that brought down the Presidency in an unprecedented fashion, not just an amalgam of popular controversy! Fall in a well and die!

OK. I’m calm again now.

  1. Tim says:

    SO TRUE!

    I lost my shit the other day when some wanker shock-jock labelled the Coogee Bay hotel thing “Gelato-gate”


    Wow, you’re right. That does calm you down. Also, I’m not sure you’re allowed to use inveterate that way, but I liked it, so I shall let it stand.

  2. fozmeadows says:

    Gelato-gate? AAAAAAGGGGHHHH!

    I’m waiting, *oh how I am waiting*, for some dumbass political commentator to whip out a new gateology for when, inevitably, Obama gets a landmark Democrat swing in at least one Republican-heavy state. Then we’ll have Idahogate, or Carolinagate, or, God Help Us, Obamagate. Jeesus-Mahogany-Christ, I am sick of these people!

  3. […] as something more than just preferential aggravation. (By way of solidarity, the record is fairly clear on my hatred for -gate being appended to not even mildly shocking political scandals. […]

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