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Being a strange and curious entity, I Google stalked my maiden name today. I’ve done this before, and usually nothing of interest crops up, so it’s an interesting psychological conundrum as to why I keep looking. After all, it’s my name, and it’s virtually guaranteed that whatever actually does appear, I wrote. Still, I googled – only to find that¬†after roughly two years of submissions, I actually had a poem published in Cordite, a real-live, respectable¬†journal.

In February.

And I didn’t know.

For those who are interested, the poem is here: it’s called ‘conversation’, and it appears in Issue 27: Experience. For those who are curious as to why a poem published this February has my maiden name on it – that’s a good question. The answer, after a moment’s thought, is that I submitted the piece about a year ago, before the Great Name Change of 2007. It’s a mystery as to why, in the intervening time, I hadn’t thought to check the site, but I’ll happily chalk it up as yet another quirk.

Look at me. I’m quirky.

Update: I’ve been in touch with the good folks at Cordite, and not only is the poem now listed under my married name, but I was even able to contribute a bio here. Plus, I get paid at some point, which is awesome.

Ah, Friday bliss!

Ah, life. In today’s news, we have:

Free condoms for Catholic World Youth Day pilgrims.

Randomly decapitated rabbits in Germany.

Woman finds bat in her bra.

Wife kills husband with folding couch.

Cat adopts rejected red panda cub.

And, of course:

Burglar trapped in chimney for 10 hours.