Posted: July 9, 2008 in Mixed Lollies
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The following anecdote is, unfortunately, true.

Browsing weird news stories at work, I came across the following: apparently, having more sex prevents erectile dysfunction in older men. Me being me, I decided to forward the link to my husband, who works at a different organisation. Without really looking at what I was doing, I typed his name as the addressee in a new email, put ‘Good to know!’ as my subject heading, copied the link across, and pressed send.

Several minutes later, I received a reply, not from my husband, but from a complete stranger in my own organisation with the same first name, wondering, not unreasonably, why I’d sent him the link, because  – and I quote – he’s “not that old”.


After explaining that my email wasn’t meant as a new kind of Viagra-spam or personal disparagement and (hopefully) making amends, I think I can call myself a wiser human being. Moral of the story: always check your send field.

Or, if you’re sending naughty articles, make sure the URL boasts a more innocent phraseology than more-sex-wards-off-erection-trouble-in-older-men-study.

  1. catalysta says:

    Oh no! But it’s funny!!! We’ve all had this happen someway or another!

  2. fozmeadows says:

    True, it could’ve been worse 🙂 – at a lawfirm I once worked at, one of the secretaries filled out a chain email profile (you know, what your favourite colour is, who you last kissed, what you’re wearing) and accidentally sent it to our entire company – including the senior partners!

  3. Aaron says:

    That is hilarious! This reminds me of a co-worker several years ago… He sent an e-mail to his wife trying to make amends for the fight they had that morning. The e-mail referenced “making tender love” and shopping at the grocery store later in the evening. The unfortunate thing instead of sending this to his wife, he sent the message to our whole organization of around 500 people. Needless to say, he went from being one of the guys in our H1-B software engineering pool, to “Deven the Gentle Lover”.

  4. fozmeadows says:

    Lol, brilliant! Short of living in a sitcom, that’s pretty hard to top 🙂

  5. chaze77 says:

    Ha! I’m a little embarrassed for you… this is definitely the kind of thing I would manage to do. Ugh.

  6. fozmeadows says:

    Tell me about it…

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