Architects of the world, I have two words for you: Revolving. Skyscraper.

I honestly don’t know whether to be awed or frightened. The whole thing spins around a central pivot, and by whole thing, I mean that each individual apartment rotates independantly of the others. Presumably, there’s some very good, rooted-in-physics reason why it won’t come tumbling down in a fiery wall of doom, but still, my brain keeps screaming: centrifugal force!

So I guess we have moving houses now, although the concept of flying cars has, presumably, been sublimated by the need to build any car, flying or otherwise, that viably runs on something other than petrol, because despite what Reuters says, there can physically be no such thing as a car that runs on water. If there was, it would rewrite the laws of thermodynamics. Just FYI. (For those interested in a musical explanation of the laws of thermodynamics, Messrs Flanders and Swan are happy to oblige.)

Still, if asked to choose, I’d prefer Howl’s Moving Castle to a glass Jenga statue any day. At least it comes with Christian Bale.


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